Photo of Pamela Brown with her harp who has provided elegant music for over 20 years.Pamela Brown has over 20 years of professional experience providing harp music for weddings, parties, corporate events, funerals, and all memorable occasions. With her distinct musical style and personal touch, she creates the perfect ambiance for any setting, adding elegance and charm to every event.

Pamela began harp lessons at the age of nine, already having played the piano for six years. She was intrigued with the harp's rich, warm tones, and her love for the harp developed. As a young performer, Pamela was privileged to study with several notable harpists, including the legendary Mildred Dilling, teacher of Harpo Marx. Her skill and knowledge of the harp vastly expanded with other leading harp professionals, including JoAnn Turovsky, professor at USC School of Music, and world-renowned virtuoso Susann McDonald. A 3-time national harp competition winner, Pamela majored in harp performance and received her musical education at Indiana University with Susann McDonald.

For over the next two decades, Pamela resided and performed extensively in Southern California. She is known for performing in a variety of settings, including many years of steady employment in fine restaurants and hotels, on stage for orchestra concerts and musical theater, ensembles, as well as innumerable weddings, high-profile corporate events, and all types of private parties - from prestigious five-star resorts to intimate settings.

Currently living in Austin, Pamela maintains her full-time career as a freelance harpist performing throughout Central Texas. With her professional experience combined together with her artistry, dedication, and passion for the harp, she continues to deliver high-quality music to enhance the most special times of people's lives, while creating beautiful and lasting memories.

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